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Here are the works that don't fit into the previous pages and categories. The pepper mill is one of numerous things I've done for the kitchen. Someday I will have a whole chapter devoted to those: including cutting boards, spoons, knife handles, and trivets. The same holds for the small garden conservatory and its furnishings: it deserves a whole spread of photos someday. Tools will be another chapter, and picture frames yet another. Tools of the weaving trade are a chapter I've only recently begun to explore.

Named after Mr. Wren's Tom Tower at my old alma mater. The Tom Pepper Mill thankfully houses a grinder rather than "Tom", an uncannily heavy bell. At 10" high, it is quite a bit shorter than its namesake. The midway ring turns to adjust the coarseness of grind.

Redwood elbow braces for a small but rather fancy garden conservatory.

A copper and brass whetstone keeper made to house an electric japanese whetstone used to sharpen carving chisels and plane blades.

As an alternative to having this antiquarian book restored and re-bound, this walnut and maple book box was made. A thin frame on the top displays the original book cover.

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Sixteen turned spindles of Ipe found in a salvage yard were used in the design of this set of four conservatory benches .

The molding profile of this picture frame was cut out of cherry, while the inner fillet molding was cut from maple. Black linen was stretched and glued over the matte.

A warp tension box that was retrofitted with an adjustable back comb assembly and a fourth tension peg. It is used when warping the sectional beam of a floor weaving loom.

A chunk of aluminum and bits of brass were fashioned to make this Brinklow micrometer . The precision measuring finial is an old Starret.

A mainframe table fan made up of a computer cooling fan in a housing of cut-down aluminum screen door-frame, the top bit off a camera tripod, a brass candlestick and a solid round of copper for a stable base.

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Furniture---VOL I : Complete Works

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