Tables, Chairs, and the Like


While chairs are one of the most common bits of furniture, and while I have restored and repaired dozens upon dozens, I have never made an entire one from scratch. The stool shown here is the closest I've come.

The Pearson extension table unfolds and slides onto the end of a matching large oval dining table. With both leaves set in place, its possible to seat 26 at Thanksgiving. The extension table itself is 11 feet long and 5 feet wide, including leaves.

Designed to give the impression that a single 24-foot long piece of oak round was looped and bent and then connected, the Treble-Clef Stool is a lyrical twist on the theme of Bar Stool.

The July End Table is made of oak.

Turned Lodgepole Pine tree trunks, oak, castors and a formica top were used in the LaPine green table. 36" high, 66" long, 30" wide.

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