Toys and Such


Toys, from my point of view, are almost as much fun to play with, as they are to make. Here are a few I was able to get to sit still for photos.

Restoration of a mahogany and maple inlaid chair-back.

Juju's wooden Smiling Horned Dragon rolls around in Brooklyn. 26" chin to tail tip.

(PHOTO DESCRIPTION) This large Douglas Fir Rolling Rabbit Book Case stands 19" toes to ear-tips and houses a vintage set of Beatrix Potter's stories for children, including, of course, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

(PHOTO DESCRIPTION) The Circus Peticoli is a fanciful display case for a growing collection of atisan-sculpted and painted ceramic animals. It is 60" wide, and 24" high at flagpole.

Milena's Hungry Monster lives and eats with her in Bologna. 23" mouth to tail.

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