Other Generations

  These are pieces from my father, Thomas, and his father and mother, Ulric and Rose.

  Foot Stool by Ulric and Rose Hutton. 14" x 10" x 8" high. Black Walnut and Needlepoint.

  Bench by Thomas Hutton. 74" x 16" x 15" high. Osage Orange with American Black Walnut Legs.
  The Walnut came from the one-acre woods next to our old house and the Osage from the old Fordhook farm west of town. The local sawyer, Hunsberger and sons, sawed the logs which we delivered using a small boat trailer.
  When this piece was newly-made, the Osage seat-top was brilliant yellow equal to the color of a roadway "Yield" sign. It had mellowed for three years by the time this photo was taken. And will continue to darken slightly as it ages. The flitch-edge sap-wood, however, remains nearly white.

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  Cypress Stool by Thomas Hutton. 16" x 10" x 12" high. Monterey Cypress from El Cerrito.

Three Generations of Bowls

Salad bowl by Ulric Hutton. 9" dia. 4" high. Cherry from around Brinklow, Md

Acacia Bowl by Thomas Hutton. 6" dia. 3" high. Acacia, also called Red Gum, from El Cerrito, Ca

My own contribution. 9" dia. 4" high. American Black Walnut from Doylestown, Pa.

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